4 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Aside from the health benefits that a clean carpet brings to us, a well-maintained carpet also lasts long and maintains its original beauty over the years. Keeping the carpet clean is a challenge, since all us walk on it on a daily basis. Sometimes spills, stains, pet urines and other dirt happen and our cleaning job is doubled. That’s why knowing the ways on how to keep your carpet clean is important, and we are sharing some of it with you. Read on.  

Carpet Clean 

Clean off Dirt 

One of the basic and common ways to clean the carpet is vacuuming the dirt off. It is pretty easy but if done incorrectly, it can damage the carpet. Remind yourself not too set the vacuum too low and too high. Set the ideal height by setting the highest setting and try vacuuming the area, if you feel the vacuum tugging itself forward, then begin setting it low until you achieve the best height.  

Regular vacuum will reduce the soil build-up. If the carpet traffic is high, do this regularly or at least twice a week. Vacuum at the right speed, it’s ideal to start slowly so you can get as much dirt as possible.  

Hire a Professional Wisely 

Another way to keep your carpets clean is hiring a professional Forth Worth carpet cleaning service. However, it’s a challenger because you have to make sure that the company offers a high-quality service. One way to know is check the equipment they’re going to use and the services they offer. The most recommended cleaning method nowadays is steam cleaning.  

The service charge is usually $400 or more which makes you want to think to do the DIY approach. Remember that regular cleaning is not enough. You need a method that cleans deep into the fibers of the carpet and you can have that through hiring a professional.  

Use the DIY Approach 

There are cleaning methods that you can do on your own, especially if you have done it before. To do this approach, you will need to rent a carpet cleaning machine. Make sure you know to operate one. When cleaning on your own, vacuum well before and after the process. Pretreat the stains with detergent and hot water before you clean the whole area.  

Clean Stains Right Away 

Accidents happen especially when you have kids and pets around. If the carpet has stains, clean it right away. If solid foods fell off, do not dig or scoop the spills. Carefully scrape the food using a dull knife or spoon into a towel. You can remove the stains if you react quickly. You can also remove it by using clean tap water. Don’t scrub or run, just blot it to avoid a bigger stain.  

When you clean a stain, be patient. It doesn’t go right away but it will if you repeat the process until it’s gone. If the stains are tough, use club soda or vinegar. If it doesn’t work, use commercial products but make sure it’s for the type of carpet you have.